About us


Meet Preston Wilson, founder of Texas Garage Gym Builders and PW23fitness.

It all started with humble beginnings with a fabrication shop in a small one car garage in Austin, Texas in 2016 after a personal journey that lead to a love of fitness. 

“When I first started on my health and fitness mission, I was 270lbs, a smoker, a drinker, and a pizza eating monster. After an annual checkup, I was told that at 32 years old I was leading myself down the wrong path. I took the doctor’s advice seriously and started changing my habits immediately. I started to learn a little more about nutrition and portion sizes. I started working out at a neighborhood fitness bootcamp and at home. I had to start from scratch as far as equipment was concerned, and realized very quickly that equipment can be expensive and there wasn't a lot of support out there, mostly just online equipment sales, and you have to work out the rest. I needed a plyobox for some at home workouts.  I started my career as a builder, so I went into the garage to see what I had. With an old saw, a drill, and the plywood in my garage, I built my first plyobox. It wasn’t pretty but it worked. A couple of friends asked for a box and from there I realized I probably wasn’t alone. Before i knew it my business bloomed"

Located in Austin TX, we continue to build staples like the plyoboxes and have expanded to metal fabrication to build everything from squat racks to custom shelving options. Our knowledgeable account managers offer consultations for complete garage build outs, installations, or advice on what equipment
would best suite your needs. Everyone at TGGB has a passion for health and fitness, and we're here to get you started on your own journey. Come join the underground garage gym community, we promise you won't look back!